Steve Weinzierl / Reel

Favorite Color reunites with Steve Weinzierl as new Creative Director and adds Brian Finney as Art Director.

Steve Weinzierl was an original member of the Favorite Color creative team, at the company's inception in 2007. During that time, he was a driving creative force behind many of the award-winning pieces produced by Favorite Color.

After taking time to broaden his skills as an Art Director, Weinzierl has returned to lead Favorite Color as the Creative Director. He brings with him a vast knowledge of design, animation, and live action.

Along with Weinzierl, Brian Finney joins Favorite Color as the new Art Director. Finney comes to Favorite Color well versed in art direction, design and animation. These two creative's have shared a successful partnership on several past projects and now bring their combined expertise and talent to Favorite Color.

Revitalized, Favorite Color is excited and eager to begin a bolder new chapter in the broadcast and commercial design industry.

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